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Try our 28 Day Foxy Experience to finally fit into those tight clothes and feel comfortable and confident in your skin again.
(Even If You Are A Complete Beginner)
No Gimmicks or False Promises, Just a Simple Eating Plan, Efficient Workouts and the Results You Deserve
Have you ever felt like this?
"Due to recent set backs my ideal body will be postponed. As usual your patience is appreciated."
Life happens. We get it. 

So maybe you can relate to this; you get invited to a last min beach or river trip and your first thought was "crap... I have to be in a bathing suit in front of everyone!?"

Then you started to stress about it, silently regretting all those weekend benders and that chips a salsa that you had last night. (But damn why did they have to taste so good!)

Next you start to worry about what others would think, well... maybe not so much what they think 'cause they love you regardless, but you still don't want to feel like a busted can of biscuits or chips for that matter. 

Trust me I get it.

So then you decide to hit the gym, go on a crash diet of yogurt, some almonds, maybe a few of those hundred calorie snack packs only to find that your body isn't dropping the fluff like it use to a few years ago... frustrating! 

After a week of living off rabbit food spending endless hours on the elliptical and not seeing any results you end up yelling at yourself naked then going on a bender of ice cream and french toast not wanting to go on that trip... I'm sure it would have sucked anyways since that annoying person would be there. #lieswetellourselves

This happens to EVERYONE that is getting older. I don't mean older as getting your AARP card, but older as in you don't have as much free time anymore like you did in your 20's. You have kids, a mortgage, a boss, responsibilities and you've put yourself on the back burner during that time. You went from alcohol hangovers to FOOD hangovers... now it's almost hanging over your pants.

You remember how to workout, but things just don't feel the same anymore, and you wish that you could just have plan of what to do so that you can stop playing the "what food can I not eat today" guessing game.

If you can relate to ANY of that, I my have a solution for you...

What Is The 28-Day Foxy Experience All About?
When it comes to results, we've got the perfect formula for you to look and feel your best without boring cardio or over-restrictive diets.

Metabolic Strength Training

During this 28 days we create workout plans that are based around your body, your ability and your goals. We will modify things as needed if we find that you have some physical limitations or movement impingements but we will always be striving to coach you on what you need to be doing and working on next to drop those jean sizes.

Easy to Follow Nutrition Plan

Yes this is one of the MAJOR components of working with a trainer… what to EAT. During this program we can teach you more about nutrition than you may have been exposed to and working together find out what YOU need to eat for YOUR body, YOUR goals and YOUR schedule.

Track Your Results

We hold you to a higher standard that you may hold yourself, because if your not be accountable to someone only YOU know if you did, or did not, workout. Our entire focus is on getting you results. That’s why we do the most consistent and extensive progress tracking with our clients. That way, we always know what’s working and what’s not. You can expect us to take before and after pics (don't be scared) and for us to track your measurements and check in with your progress EVERY WEEK.

Support And Accountability

Get expert coaching from our personal trainers with the support of others who are just like you. Leadership and accountability could be the missing ingredient you need to make this time count. Let's look at it this way without accountability and tracking who, or what, knows when you did or did not do your workout. You COULD skip it and only you would know, but here if you skip a workout and eat too many Oreo's... trust me we'll know.
Still on the fence? Here are some answers to some of the most commonly asked questions...
How Much Does It Cost?
Your fee is 1 payment of $179, or TWO payments of $95 (space is limited, this program fills up fast) and what's great about the Foxy Experience is if you are not satisfied for whatever reason you can request a full refund within the first 3 weeks.
Who Is The Foxy Experience For?
Any fitness level can participate in this challenge. Our trainers will modify YOUR program to YOUR specific needs, even if you have prior injuries. Some have specific dietary needs, some have 100 pounds to lose.
What if my schedule changes weekly?
We get it! In fact about a 1/3 of our clients here have schedules that change on the frequent (we have a lot of nurses for example), with that said as long as we can look at your, and our, schedules we will schedule you for what ever time slots we have that's convenient. 

This way your not held to a slot that you may not always make.
What is The Nutrition Plan Like?
Our nutrition plan is easy to follow. Unlike most diets you won't feel deprived, constantly hungry, or have to give up all the foods you love. Our plan is simple and works with YOUR lifestyle whether you work crazy hours, are on the go, or are a stay at home mom.

We will find out what you can comfortably do and work from there. This can range from focusing on helping you just mastering one healthy meal at a time OR giving you a more specific meal plan to follow. 
What are the classes like?
Would you believe they are NOT just classes; more like a group of your best friends working out together. Since each session is limited to 18 members, you will get to know other members and feel supported and welcomed.

You will have the trainer right there; coaching, spotting, and pushing you on the exercises that you need help. If you have limitation or injuries or are a true beginner, not to worry, our trainers are right there to help with any modifications and tailor the workout to your specific needs. 

You'll leave feeling energized, stronger, healthier, fitter, and accomplished!
Is Your Gym Like Crossfit?
Crossfit is a sport and if your interest is that then your going to have better success at a Crossfit box. 

We are more of a Transformation Center, meaning people come to us with a specific problem and a specific goals. We design a program that gets them from where they are to where they want to be. 

Crossfit builds you around the workouts we build the workouts and the nutrition around your goals.
What if I have another trip or vacation planned?
You may have another short vacation scheduled and that's perfectly cool! 

You will NOT lose that time that you're gone, instead, we just make it up when you get back. We will even send you workouts to take with you to stay on track while you're gone and of course will be available if you need anything on your trip to keep you on the right track. 
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